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I'm Matt, the owner and founder of Autheo Graphics and Design. We are so glad you've found us.


Autheo was born out of a passion to help people. I started out designing logos, wedding invitations, and programs in PowerPoint for close friends. After getting pretty good at it, but getting incredibly frustrated with the limitations, I made the leap, got trained in Adobe Suite, and decided to go all in. We have now designed logos and marketing materials for tax companies, music ensembles, home renovation companies, insurance agents, hair salons, and more.


At Autheo, our goal is to take your vision and passion and turn it into the perfect representation of your company. In contrast to the 'burn and turn' style design companies who use stock logos and templates to turn out as many logos as possible, we are dedicated to a CUSTOM design that has been made just for you.

Now, I mentioned Wedding Invitations. We work exclusively with the TOP wedding planners in Kansas City to develop custom wedding invitation suites for their clients. We also create custom signage, menus, programs, and more. At Autheo, we are dedicated to creating a beautiful and cohesive suite that will add the perfect touch to your day.

Thanks for stopping in!  Click below to follow us on social media or hit the CONTACT tab above to let us know what we can do to help you.

Matt Richardson

Owner and Founder of Autheo Graphics & Design

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